Apartment Trubarjeva33

is located in the center of Velike Lasce. Just 25 minutes from capital city Ljubljana. Apartment is located along the regional road between Ljubljana, Turjak, Rasica, Ribnica, Kočevje, Brod na Kolpa – to Croatia.

It has its own entrance, double bed, wardrobe, fitted kitchen and bathroom. We offer also free parking space.

Velike Lasce is a starting point for exploring the natural and cultural sights of the area around Velike Lašče.
Turjak Castle, Trubar Homestead, memorial room of Fran Levstik and Joseph Stritar in Levstik’s home in Veliki Lasice. Elijah’s haystack from Levstik’s time stands in Retje.
An interesting circular 15 km cultural route: Levstik – Stritar – Trubar. Map: The cultural route
You can visit the geologically interesting waterfalls between Naredi and Bošteti on the edge of the Ruthenian plateau.
Also: Lehnjak Waterfall (722m), Kobilje jet (600m), Bajdin Waterfalls near Turjak…